This Man Has The Loudest Burp In the World

109.9 decibels is louder than a motorcycle, which clocks in at 100 db. City traffic is only 85db.  Sustained exposure to decibels in the range of 90-95 db can result in hearing loss.  But 109.9, that’s how loud the world record loudest burp ever was.  That’s a hell of a belch.

Unfortunately for the world’s previously loudest burp, Paul Hunn from the UK, 109.9 db is child’s play.  There’s a new belcher in town, and he’s from Australia.  His name is Neville Sharp and he hails from a place that’s actually called Humpty Doo.  Can you even imagine growing up and living in a town called Humpty Doo?  In Australia, surrounded by deadly spiders and snakes?  You probably have to start drinking really young there, honing your burping skills in ways the rest of the world can’t imagine.

Sharp was invited by the Northern Territory news to come and prove his mettle as a burp machine.  He prepared with a glass of Coke, though he says a cold beer works better, and tried his hand.  The first attempt?  A paltry 97 db.  Barely as loud as a jackhammer 50’ away.

The second attempt ripped through space and time at a fierce 110.6. He’s louder than a chainsaw!

Like any good Aussie, Sharp learned how to burp from his sister when they were kids and she taught him how to gulp air.  How loud is his sister?  We don’t know but man, hopefully she’s single.

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The record isn’t entirely formal just yet, or as formal as a burp that could cause hearing problems can get, not until the Guinness people man up and arrange a test that they can monitor.  But if Sharp did it once, he can surely do it again.  Making Australia proud, one ripping burp at a time.