A Bull In Australia Was Born With Two Faces If That’s A Photo You’d Like To See

As if you could’ve gone through today without seeing an image of a bull born with two faces that almost looks like the letter X. As if you didn’t need to see that. Well, thankfully I’m here to correct that error in your life by bringing you the image of a bull in Austrailia with this unfortunate deformity.

Born on Tuesday, the Yard Chairman of the farm where the animal stays said that “‘Sometimes the genetic engineering doesn’t quite work according to plan.” I’d say that’s a fair statement. Luckily professionals have said there’s nothing “wrong with it” as far as the animals health and well being is concerned.

Would you like to see a different angle? Okay!

It does make one feel bad for the bull, but luckily he’s able to eat and continue to live a productive life which is doing whatever, y’know, bulls do.

The Yard Chairman continued to say “There was a fair bit of curiosity and interest but I don’t know whether there was a lot of interest in a commercial sense.” Oh yes there is, Mr. Yard Chairman. To show the world there’s really nothing wrong with being different.

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source: Metro