A Car Is Dangling From A Parking Garage And It’s All Happening Live On Facebook

Holy shit. Facebook live has presented some wild things in the past but this is something straight out of an action movie. Right now, literally right now, in Austin, a news station is live streaming video of a car dangling from a parking garage with rescue crews trying to figure out how the hell to get it down!

No word as I type this if anyone is actually in the car but police officers and fire fighters have cleared the road below in case it drops at any given moment. Add Sam Neill and some dinosaurs, this is like that kickass scene in Jurassic Park! But, y’know, real life and we seriously hope no one has been hurt thus far or in case this thing falls.


Right now over 5,000 people are streaming the video. Not to mention the onlookers actually standing IN the parking garage next to the car with kickass front row seats.

Also it should be mentioned that the reporter streaming the video ain’t too bad lookin’ either.

UPDATE: The car is down, no explosions occurred.

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