Aurora Killer James Holmes Apartment For Rent

I don’t think Aurora, Colorado mass murderer James Holmes is going to be getting his security deposit back any time soon. In fact lots of people are calling for his old apartment building to be destroyed… And I was worried what my landlord would say about that stain I left on the carpet. TMZ is reporting that the one bedroom apartment is back on the market for $850 a month, complete with cozy looking photos of the pad. This may sound like a good deal, however consider that the previous tenant was the killer of 12 innocent people at a 2012 movie theater screening of The Dark Knight Rises and set up booby-traps of grenades and gasoline in the apartment to kill additional police officers (which thankfully officials learned about before entering the building and no one was hurt.)  Much like how buildings associated with other grisly cases were destroyed, families of the victims of James Holmes would like to see his former apartment building torn down.  However, what about the owners of the property? Aren’t they getting hurt by this as well? After all, no one was killed inside the apartment, …although this is where Holmes planned out his attack. It’s a tough call: I can see the desire to destroy anything associated with Holmes, whose new residence is a prison in Colorado where he is awaiting trial, having pleaded “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

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Lifestyles of the psychotic and insane.

Should the whole building where James Holmes lived be torn down? Such as the apartment building that was bulldozed in Milwaukee where cannibal, necrophilia loving, serial killer (the trifecta of good parenting come to fruition) Jeffrey Dahmer killed, mutilated and ate 17 young men:

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No one is going to be taking a tour with an overly peppy, smiling real-estate agent to see the “spacious torture – sex dungeon” available at Ariel Castro’s Cleveland home. Authorities tore down the property shortly after Castro was jailed for torturing three young women imprisoned in his house for over a decade. One of Castro’s victims Michelle Knight watched the demolition as others cheered:

Who would want to rent this tainted pad? Maybe this guy, who chopped off his aunt’s boyfriend’s head on Christmas Day and left it for her as a “present.” Would you live in a place that was occupied by a notorious killer? Should the property owners be forced to destroy the building?

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