Audience Demands Money Back After Comedian Dave Chappelle Shows Up Late & Drunk

What do you do if you pay good money to see one of your favorite artists perform, but they don’t deliver? Fans of comedian Dave Chappelle were put in this awkward situation this past Thursday when the former host of Chappelle’s Show began a performance at Detroit’s Filmore an hour late. They probably were expecting to see at least a few Rick James impressions but when he finally did take the stage Chappelle seemed drunk, sat down quietly smoking and rambled through some slurred speech. Sounds more like “Crackhead Tyrone” showed up instead of Dave.  

In a clip obtained by TMZ, the audience can be heard confronting the comic, yelling “Let’s here the act!” – Dave seems to think it’s already time to punch out as he responds “Well sir, it’s a little late for that. Right now I’ve gotta get off the stage because it’s 2 in the morning!”

-The audience loses their S as it is only 1 in the morning; see this and the rest of the confrontation here. Someone starts trying to tell jokes for Dave too:

Fans who were in the audience that night have taken to social media to complain about the “performance” which set them back anywhere between $50 and $240 a ticket. Chappelle allegedly only told what could be considered two “jokes” out of a two hours or painful stage time. What was Dave thinking?


Some rock stars like Axl Rose are notorious for not showing up to their own concerts forcing promoters to refund the audience’s money. But what if the artist shows up, but just sucks? The Filmore says they are not responsible for the content of a performer and will not be issuing any refunds.  Even if you aren’t a fan of Chappelle you can at least relate to their predicament. So, “Booooo!”

What is the worst live performance you ever attended where you wish you were able to get a refund for your money?

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Source: TMZ