People Are Lining Up To Meet McDonald’s Worker In Taiwan Because She Is So Hot

Even if you don’t order the box of food with a toy inside for the kids, you might be getting a “happy meal” when you visit a McDonald’s in Taiwan. That is because a blogger by the name of RainDog posted some photos of the girl being called “The McDonald’s Goddess” on his blog which quickly went viral. Now “fans” are lining up at the Taiwanese McDonald’s location just to get a glimpse of the lovely McNugget slinging lady.  These are strange times we live in, indeed.

Thankfully a random customer taking photos of the female employees and posting them online was not deemed “creepy” as well it could be. Rather, the McyD’s worker named Hsu Wei-han has attracted bit of a fan base and has acquired 29,000 followers on Instagram from all of the attention.

However some people are calling the whole thing “FAKE!”  While I know everyone on the internet loves to call everything fake, why the hell would anyone create a fake story about a girl working at McDonald’s? I mean she is kind of cute and everything, but it’s not like “oh my god Chewbacca is working at McDonald’s!” This story wouldn’t be that interesting unless it were so weirdly real and human beings were actually lining up to meet a young lady who works at a McDonald’s.

Well it turns out this is actually “a thing” in Taiwan where stores and restaurants openly try and stock their front end servers with both attractive males and females. It is not so much Hooters, but how up until very recently Abercrombie and Fitch would have shirtless dudes in the storefront and attractive, young sales associates helping the customers. Hopefully soon we will get to see Ronald McDonald and The Hamburgler dress all sexy.

Here you can see her in action:

[[contentId: 2881766| | size: 75]]

Other McDonald’s in Taiwan have even been known to have cute servers and cashiers dress up in cosplay, such as Sailor Moon Costumes, and princesses. Cool, what is the girl in the background wearing the red shirt and black pants going as? She must feel happy for all of Hsu Wei-han’s success.

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Source: Daily Mail UK