Attack Of The Prehistoric Frilled Shark!

Fisherman in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia were in for a shock this week when they captured a rare Frilled Shark that looks like a creature from the Prehistoric era. The animal, which would look right at home in the next SyFy channel movie “Frilled Shark-cano” – about a volcano that spews out these things onto the heads of unsuspecting townspeople below- is dark brown and two meters long. With 300 razor sharp teeth, it’s called a “frilled” shark because of six pairs of frill like gills. Scientists believe the ancestry of the shark dates back about 80 million years and is one of two species still alive from this time in the Earth’s history.


That Is One Crazy Looking Muppet

This is also believed to be possibly the first time that humans have ever seen a living specimen of the Frilled Shark (well living until it was fished.) The fishermen had no idea what the creature was when they pulled it out of the water, but knew it was something special. 


Here It Is Being Prepared for Friday’s Fish Fry

The creature with a long, eel like head and flexible jaw that enables it to swallow prey whole was offered to a scientific organization for research.


This Was Fished Out Of Your Nightmares

Source: The Independent

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