Johnny Manziel And 10 Other Athletes Who Gave The Middle Finger

If you’re like me and don’t know the difference between a quarterback and a quarter pounder, sports can seem ironically amusing. There is nothing I like more than to listen to guys discussing “last night’s game” like they just witnessed the government being overthrown by military dictatorship. That’s why I love it when something I can relate to happens on the field. Last night, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel flipped the old bird to his opponents on the Washington Redskins bench after he threw an incomplete pass. That’s horribly offensive; the “Browns?” Come on its 2014!

Johnny Football here forgot that he was on Johnny Television.

While some may say that giving the middle finger to an opponent is unsportsmanlike conduct, rude or just plain immature behavior for a professional athlete being paid large sums of money to play a game, I for one am in favor of it! I think all athletes should be encouraged to openly express how they feel, give the finger, spit in each other’s faces, grab their crotches, and scream “I’ll give ya a foul, right here!”

Others don’t agree with me, such as the NFL, which are expected to fine Manziel $11,000 for the “rude” gesture. Eleven grand for the finger? That seems obscene. Then again, Browns coach Mike Pettine also didn’t see the value in players expressing their anger on the field.

““It does not sit well,” Pettine said. “I was informed right after the game, and it’s disappointing to me because we talk about being poised, being focused. You have to be able to maintain your poise. … That’s a big part of all football players, especially your quarterback.”

This isn’t the first time Manziel gave a player the finger. The last time it was his teammate Trey Williams when he was a player at Texas A&M.

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In solidarity with Manziel and his gesture, here are ten more athletes flipping the one finger salute.

Larry Csonka

[[contentId: 2748878| ]]

Larry Csonka of The Dolphins snuck a finger onto the cover of  Sports Illustrated in 1972.

Kerry Wood

[[contentId: 2748879| ]]

Kerry Wood of the Cubs gives a double finger.

Chris Gardocki

[[contentId: 2748880| ]]

Chris Gardocki of the Browns was fined $5k for this finger.

Jamaal Franklin

[[contentId: 2748881| ]]

Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State flips off a Ref (which he would deny, than apologize for.)

Andrew Ference

[[contentId: 2748882| ]]

Andrew Ference of the Buins flips off the crowd.

Pat Burrell

[[contentId: 2748883| ]]

Pat Burrell of the Phillies gives a warm FU toward his former manager on the opposing team.

Byung-Hyun Kim

[[contentId: 2748884| ]]

Byung-Hyun Kim of the Red Sox Flipps Off Booing Fans.

Kobe Bryant

[[contentId: 2748885| ]]

Kobe flips off his own ear.

Joe Nedney

[[contentId: 2748886| ]]

Joe Nedney of the 49ers flips off the booing crowd after messing up a kick.

Jose Canseco

[[contentId: 2748887| ]]

Jose Canseco shows his mild roid rage.

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