Did An Astronaut Just Tweet A Photo Of A UFO?

ufo pic?

The photo above was recently tweeted from the Space Station by American astronaut Scott Kelly, and it has generated chatter in some circles as proof of his seeing a UFO from space. If it is really something major other than the “U” for “unidentified,” it’s a fair assumption that it would have bumped any other news off the front page of this or any other website.

One of the great questions that will forever be asked by mankind is whether we are alone in the universe. Some say it’s a mathematical likelihood due to the vastness of the cosmos, while others think it B-movie nonsense at best. We remain cautiously optimistic that somewhere, someday, something might conclusively prove this majestic question. Until then, we are inundated with near weekly tidibits of silliness by the often moronic ravings of trailer park folk who claim to have outsmarted NASA.  

One great through line of aliens and alien encounters is the omnipresence of anal probes. Other than Charlie Sheen (sorry- too soon?), anal probing is somewhat on the fringes of most people’s activities. That it seems to pop up in so many stories of alien encounters is odd. And gross. And hysterical.

south park

Astronaut Kelly isn’t the only one sending pics from space that are sending some folks into a frenzy. Recent images sent back from the Curiosity rover on Mars have received a lot of attention, and frankly, some of the images are really cool. Are they proof of anything? No, except that a lot of people have active imaginations. Here’s one – what do you think?

space lizard

Our favorite proof of alien life though comes from Professor Milton Wainwright the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology (not to be confused with the University of Lindsey Buckingham Centre for Fleetwood Mac Cocainebiology.) He says “Our team has caused quite a stir over the last couple of years by claiming these microbes are continually arriving to Earth from space. Our critics have been vocal in dismissing our work but, as yet, no one has provided a viable alternative explanation for our peer reviewed work.” Here’s the image in question:

bull ufo

One viable alternative is the old “shit happens” theory, which says if you take enough photos, some of them will look cool. As said though, we’re not giving up hope. Someday we hope to see real proof of aliens, and we can only hope our anuses won’t have to be their guinea pigs.