Astronaut Dials Wrong Number From Space And Other Weird Wrong Numbers


We’ve all gotten or dialed wrong numbers, especially as people change cell phone numbers as often as some people change underwear. But one astronaut holds the record for the most wrong of all, if we are counting by distance.


British astronaut Tim Peake called from the International Space Station on Christmas day  and said “Hello, is the Planet Earth?” with the intention of calling a loved one, but got a wrong number.

Though it is the weirdest wrong number by virtue of miles, it doesn’t come close to the oddest calls and responses that we could find. For example, this exchange certainly offered both a strong message and equally strong retort.


No one ever said infidelity was a good idea, but this back and forth offered quite a different spin on it.


Not all messages are quite as explicit or as easy to understand. This is either really confusing or deeply profound.


Even canines or canine wannabes can get in on the act.


Why limit our examples to just dogs? Especially if you’re not sure exactly what a dog is.


Some wrong numbers offer downright disturbing messages.


You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.


Sometimes you simply have to offer props on a witty exchange.


Then again, you might find the person of your dreams. Or the person from your nightmares.


So, dear friends, remember to be careful not to drunk drive, drunk text, or drunk dial. Whether an astronaut saying hi or a horn dog saying yo, you never quite know who may be on the other end of the phone.