Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Coolest Space Lessons

Tortillas are used used instead of bread so crumbs are minimalized.


The only way to get rid of toothpaste is to swallow it. Gross.


This is what wringing water out of a towel looks like.


Nails must be clipped over an air duct so they don't float away.


Astronauts have special barf bags that go over their heads so no barf floats away.


Astronauts have specially made shaving cream that stops loose hairs from floating away.


And speaking of hair, when getting a hair cut in space, the clippers are attached to a vacuum that sucks in loose hairs.


This is chocolate pudding cake. Most deserts come in pudding form. Yum!


This disgusting green block is spinach. Vegetables come dehydrated and must be put in a special machine to rehydrate them.


If you cry in space, the tears stay with you, reminding you even more about your sadness.


Mixed nuts look weird in zero gravity.


Astronauts use a pouch of pre-made soapy water to wash their hands.


When you sleep in space, you sleep in a tethered sleeping bag in a small compartment. This prevents you from floating away and bumping into important things.


- Mark (twitter)