White House Staffers Amongst The 37 Million Named In Ashley Madison Hack

The hackers known as “Impact Team” gave the creators and owners of Ashley Madison a fair warning last month stating they would release the users of Ashley Madison’s information including their email addresses, names and sexual fantasies as given by users when they sign up for the cheating service. Why? Because they simply wanted to expose the “cheating dirtbags” of the world. Fair enough.

But some of the users are actually staffers of the White House and other officials of the world because many of the addresses contained in the information dump have .mil and .gov extensions. 15,000 users to be exact. Makes for a real bad weekend if you were ever a user of the site.

The files which were dumped to the Dark Web are 9.7 gigabytes large which can only be viewed through the Tor browser via an Onion address.

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So if you’re married and curious if your loved one was ever an Ashley Madison user, you have yourself some homework to do. Have a fun weekend, everybody!