Psycho Freshman Emails A List Of Demands To Her Roomies Before Meeting Them

Roommates can be great but that honeymoon tends to always die out one way or another. You both start to mature and you’re sure as shit not going to keep cleaning up his marinara splatter that he keeps leaving all over the stove! I’m projecting here. But it’s rare to find a roommate that is already a total nightmare BEFORE you’ve even met them in person. A freshman UCLA student named Ashly had been emailing her roommates about HER concrete set of rules until she sent one final email before arriving on campus to make sure those rules were received loud and fucking clear.

Dear Lord, she’s the worst person ever.

You know it’s bad when an email kicks off with “I’m not sure why neither of you responded back to my emails, but I don’t really care just as long as you both know this.” In an age where these damn kids don’t talk on the phone anymore, instead texting and emailing all day, it’s no wonder this girl’s people skills are way off. However the best part is Ashly’s roommate Guistinna’s replying and calling her out. This is some real Mean Girls shit right here.

Here’s one roommate’s reply:

And here’s the evil roommates reply to Guistinna. Was this all a weird test?

Winnie and Guistinna looking forward to a crappy living situation.

Of course nowadays, since people can’t simply call each other and work things out, when you receive an annoying email such as Ashly’s, you share that junk on Twitter because it’s too ridiculous to be believed. Winnie posted the emails on Twitter. They’ve received over 2,500 retweets which is pretty impressive considering it’s literally just a copy of the emails.

Listen, college can be fun but if we’re having to rack up that much student debt, can the schools at least guarantee they don’t dish out shitty roommates to the decent people?

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