Hot Actress Ashley Benson Posts Pic Of Sexy “Cecil The Lion” Halloween Costume

You may or may not know actress Ashley Benson from her roles on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and in such films as Pixels and the James Franco staring Spring Breakers where she rocks a bikini on a violent drug fueled rampage. Nice.

However it is her recent Instagram picture that has gotten everyone in bit of a tizzy. Like many people she is excited to celebrate Halloween and is planning a killer costume. She said;

“Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this cecil the lion costume? @yandy #thanksyandy #halloweencostume.”

More like pretty little lions, am I right?

Cecil The Lion as you recall was the beloved king of the jungle in Zimbabwe who was killed by an American dentist this past July. The internet promptly went into outrage mode and drove Walter Palmer from his dental practice in Minnesota. Now a 25-year-old actress may share a similar fate as loads of sites and social media outlets are expressing complete rage at her seemingly insensitive joke. One commenter says;  

“It’s a shame lions can’t wear dead ignorant humans as costumes. Totally unaware douche.”

Bang, fake costume lion is dead with fake gun.

Some of you may agree with these feeling of outrage, but to be fair she is not the first person to think of a Cecil The Lion themed Halloween costume. That honor goes to the folks over at Costumeish who went with creating a “Lion Killer Dentist” costume for sale complete with blood splatter and a decapitated Cecil head. Hey I think we found Ashley Benson a date to the Halloween Ball!

Do you think her Cecil The Lion Halloween costume is in poor taste?

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Source: US Mag