Kid Accidentally Enters Poker Tournament And Wins The Entire Jackpot

It’s summertime and that means everyone is starting to plan their summer getaway to rest up from the hectic hustle and bustle of their regular workday. However, it’s hard to enjoy it when just the act of planning a vacation will send you running back to your regular job, even if your occupation involves cleaning the bottom of a large chicken coop with nothing but a toothbrush and your shattered soul. A man accidentally booked himself into a poker tournament that took place during his upcoming vacations and he decided not to let that get him down and it made him $973,000 richer.

Meet Asher Conniff. He accidentally booked himself a spot in a high-stakes poker tournament in Atlantic City, N.J. He was scheduled to go on a vacation at the same time with his family but he accidentally clicked the wrong button on a poker website and earned himself a spot at a table at the Borgata Hotel & Casino Spa with a $15,000 buy-in. He and his mother decided to cancel their family vacation plans and let Asher compete in the tournament instead. So they traveled to Atlantic City and Conniff sat down to play. By the time the tournament ended, he not only made back the buy-in money but he finished in first place with a cash prize of $973,000. That should take care of a few family visits to Auntie May’s house in Dayton, Ohio. Hell, with that kind of money, you could buy Dayton and pay someone to just push it closer to your house.

He’s no noob when it comes to high stakes poker. The Borgata tournament may have been his bigger payout but he’s also won over $200,000 in another poker tournament that we presume he also accidentally booked when he tried to pay his student loan online.

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source: NY Daily News