Women From Kazakhstan Share Topless Selfies To Protest Sex Tax

Women in Kazakhstan have launched a social media campaign in which they share topless selfies to protest a proposed sex tax in addition to other difficult conditions females face in the country. 

Recently, a Muslim leader in the country called for a comprehensive tax on sex that charges people different rates depending on if they were married, what type of sex act was taking place, how long the sex lasted and other ridiculous conditions. 

Asel Bayandarova, who kicked off the movement, is angry at her country’s culture for treating female bodies as a taboo subject and has encouraged her fellow Kazakhstani women to follow her lead and go topless on social media.

“Kazakh woman are not allowed to like or enjoy sex. Most girls in villages in Kazakhstan are not even allowed to talk about sex,” Bayandarova wrote. 

“Girls who don’t manage to get married can only dream of becoming prostitutes,” she continued. “No wonder our country is ranked number one for women and children suicides.”

The Central Asian country, which entered the spotlight as the setting of Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 film “Borat,” has long battled unfair attitudes toward women, with forced marriages and bride kidnappings occurring at an unsettling rate. 

Bayandarova’s remarks have earned widespread support and have prompted many women to post scantily-clad selfies to help spread the message.


Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Facebook