Artist Turns Parents’ House Into Real Life “Monster House”

The movie “Monster House” is a scary kids classic about an old house that some kids discover is actually alive and eating people throughout their neighborhood. If you’ve ever wanted to live in such a house because it looks cool or would really keep those pesky Jehovah’s Witnesses away from it, there’s an artist who might be able to make your dark dreams come true. 

Meet artist Christine McConnell. She recently applied her eye for creepy artwork and turned it towards her parents’ Southern California home in. She redecorated the exterior look of the house to make it look like a snarling monster with multiple eyes and giant teeth. She documented the process on her Instagram account.

It’s not an exact replica of the killer house from the movie. In fact, it’s better and scarier. The porch has giant rows of sharp teeth. The walls of the upper floors are covered with reptilian eyes. It even looks like the two lampposts in front of it are arms that will grab anyone who walks up to the doors so it can stuff them in its hungry mouth. 

McConnell said she did it because she’s a big fan of Halloween and loves movies about monsters like the animated classic “Monster House.” She’s a lso been decorating her parents’ house for Halloween every year. I’m thinking of buying one just so she can decorate it for me every year. 

Source: HuffPo