Artist Turns Classic NES Games Into Pulp Comic Covers

It feels weird to call games like the original “Metroid” and “Super Mario Bros.” “classics” because it makes you feel really old. Some of us actually remember a time when these were new games in our local toy store and calling them “classics” feels like we’re putting them on the same shelf with one of Ludwig Von Beethoven’s compositions or the Mona Lisa.  That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be called classics and someone has turned the original NES games into something that makes them even more “classic.”

Is it wrong that now prefer the new Samus costume over the old one? 

Artist Ástor Alexander reworked the stories and characters from some of the greatest games in the history of the Nintendo Entertainment System and turned them into pulp comic book covers. Alexander’s supremely detailed and gripping artwork reimagines classics like “Metroid” (seen above) with the game’s hero Samus Aran in a, shall we say, less restrictive set of body armor. 

Of course, no throwback to the NES is complete without a makeover of “Super Mario Bros.,” the game that launched the console. Alexander reimagines the story of a princess being kidnapped over and over again into a damsel in distress story in which one blue collar work has to step up and save the day. We also wish the original “Super Mario Bros.” had more gunplay. 

“The Legend of Zelda” also gets the pulp comic treatment as a hard-boiled detective story in which Link is replaced with a gun toting detective named Lincoln and Princess Zelda is the “Twilight Gal.” 

Is Nintendo reading this? If so, turn these books into actual games. This might be just the thing to turn around the lagging sales of your WiiU console. 

Source: Geekologie