This Instagram Page Turns Celebrities Into Horrifying Gingers

Let’s face it, gingers get a bad rap. But now it’s even worse after an “artist” has started turning celebrities into freckled face red heads for the sake of comedy. These images make Pippi Longstocking look like Marilyn Monroe (who in real life was a ginger). Not that there’s anything wrong with being a red-head but there is just something about being covered in freckles all over one’s face, surrounded by that degree of red hair and pasty white skin that could almost burn out your eye balls. If this is you, then I’m sorry for your eternal damnation.

But seriously, seeing Prince as a freckled face ginger is admittedly way weirder than just looking at a picture of Prince in general.

The artist in question is Nadia Ahmad from Austrailia who says that the joke gallery isn’t supposed to add onto the negativity toward gingers, even though the punchline is essentially laughing at the fact that gingers are funny. It must be pointed out that Ahmad is not a ginger, but says that she’s in some ways spreading the word of equality. Maybe if we look at images of gingers with a ton of freckles way more than usual, they won’t be viewed as outcasts. Hmmmm. IN THE MEANTIME, let’s laugh and shriek at these other celebrities who have been turned into gingers.

Charlize Theron

Tommy Lee Jones


Ryan Gosling

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Business Insider had a Q & A with Nadia Ahmad about her creation and what it means to her. As for the rest of us, we’re laughing our heads off in horror.

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