You Won't Believe That This Statue Isn't A Real Person

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Feb. 05, 2014

What in the world is that guy doing in his underwear, stumbling like a constipated zombie?  Well actually, that isn't a person if you can believe it.  That's actually a statue called "Sleepwalker" by artist Tony Matelli located at the Wellesley women's college in Wellesley, Mass and the students hate it.  What's to hate, it's a skinhead look-a-like in his tighty whities with a creepy attack position at an all-women's college.  Seems like it should go over like gangbusters!

The statue is a part of an exhibit opening in the Davis Museum next to where this piece was placed.  A petition has began to have the statue removed, stating that the artwork reminds them of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault.  As of this morning, the petition has over 250 signatures even though the president of the prestigious women's school says that's all part of the intellectual process.  Hmmm, maybe it's not that bad afterall.  Let's take a look of this statue from a different angle.

Nevermind, that's frightening.  Holy God, the guy looks dead!  Imagine running into that thing late at night drunk because, let's face  Oddly enough, students are the only ones complaining.  One English teacher stated "I find it disturbing, but in a good way."  When did teachers become so tolerant, especially in the face of students complaining that it reminded them of sexual assault.  In my day, you couldn't even walk around campus in your underwear (believe me, I tried), let alone make everyone stare at a statue of it.  Granted, my approach was a tad more off-putting.

Here's another pic.  Oh good, it's actually next to the road.

Nothing like driving your grandparents around the college with that nightmare 5 ft. from the window.  "This is where the library is, there's the dorms, that's Moby without clothes, now who's ready for lunch!"

What do you guys think?  Should the statue be removed or do you dig it?

-Todd Spence (twitter)

source: Mercury News

Donald Brandon
Donald Brandon

So life like I would just think it's a dead body . That's why it would creep me out. Sexual assault that's a stretch .

treyert User

Only in 'Murka. 

Dianne-Cawsey-266 User

I think it should be removed because it's tasteless not to mention pointless.

Éric BV
Éric BV

Why do they leave the statue in this state if they hate it and it makes them think about rape and all??...just dress him up ladies! Put some goofy clothes on the thing and make him your mascot! .. but nooo "we're victims!" "Let's make a petition and express our disapproval of this as a united gender!" ... -__- how boring, ladies!!

Rhonda Hicken
Rhonda Hicken

Yea its a guy so women are going to hate it, find it disgusting and want it gone. LOL If it were a woman statue men would love it. Gotta love th morols in this Country lol

James Curse
James Curse

Post the video of that one girl making out with him while she was drunk.

drainbamage User

I can see why those women are thinking of sexually assaulting him. He's just asking for it going out in public like that.

Tina Jackson
Tina Jackson

Its art, leave it. It looks so realistic you should get an A plus for that

Andres-Reyes-278 User

thats awesome!!! if I could have that statue on my front yard I would definitively LMAO of the school girls near by.

Gia Partida
Gia Partida

Can't find it why does it not come up first

Nightwolf2013 User

some old ladies did that to a half naked statue of a woman here and ended up getting vandalism charges XD