Florida Artist Turns Stolen Nude Celeb Photos Into “Art” Exhibit

Who knew that The Fappening could turn into a black tie event? An artist from Los Angeles known as XVALA, (which I believe is pronounced ugh) hopes to make it that way. XVALA plans on showcasing the stolen nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Scarlet Johansson and other lesser known naked ladies that we will look at anyway, in a proper art gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This isn’t art because it wasn’t photographed in black and white, duh.

Now instead of anonymously looking at famous lady bits from the privacy of your own bus station bathroom stall, you can stand around a pretentious art gallery with people who call themselves XVALA, drinking wine and trying to hide your erection behind a plate of cheese. (Yeah, OK, so more of a toothpick with a cheese Hors_d’oeuvre on it.)

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A much better setting to see Jennifer Lawrence’s nipples?

You can be part of the fun this October 30th at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art Showroom; otherwise known as CACA! While there you can discuss if looking at stolen naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence makes you a bad person. Or if this artist is probably just using the celeb nudes leak incident to attract viewers to his work; what a scumbag, right? Who would do that?

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CACA isn’t the secretion they have to worry about.

It sounds like all the fun of going to an old theater where they still show porn movies, but the lights are on and you still aren’t allowed to touch yourself. XVALA is billing the “art” showing as “No Delete” – part of his “Fear Google” series where he has been collecting nude images of celebrities for seven years.  

“I’m calling attention to the fact that our information should be our own and it’s not,” XVALA said. “I feel like if we can’t call personal property personal it becomes public property. I would rather hit a delete button and have this go away. The perfect world would be where we can control our information, but nobody can.”

What do you guys think? Would you attend an art showcase where nudes of Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlet Johansson are blown up,  printed on canvases and framed? Or do you prefer to stay at home when you feel all tingly in the pants?

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OK, She Is A Work Of Art

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