Artist Paints Kim Kardashian Butt Photo With His Penis

As you recall Kim Kardashian recently flaunted her assets, posing nude for Paper Magazine in order to try and “break the internet.”  Now there is one man who is also attempting to “use what he’s got” to break something- but hopefully not his paint brush. That’s because Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen has painted a recreation of the infamous Kardashian butt photo… using his penis. Well that’s not the first time a man has rubbed his junk all over a Kardashian just for notoriety.

Why does my painting smell like cheese?

Jensen used glossy acrylic paint to commit to canvas via his manhood, what he calls “a stunning portrait.”  The artist says;

“It is hard to do an entire canvas using only one’s ‘natural brush’, Jensen said. “If one is ill-equipped, it is difficult to reproduce the small details, but if one is well-endowed, it is easier to produce a better painting.”

Kim might have finally found a person able to make something trashier than she can.

So if the art studio is a rockin’ … it’s just a Danish guy using his dick to paint. In case you’re wondering Jenson’s tool of choice was completely flaccid when he dipped it into the paint. The portrait took him around 8 to 12 hours. Calling Kardashian the Marylyn Monroe of our day, Jensen was inspired by the works of Andy Warhol… who was famous for painting Campbell Soup Cans with his taint?

“I have my penis in one hand and the canvas in the other.  I have a very skilled penis, art-wise.”

Would you buy a painting by an artist who used his or her genitalia to create the work?

Source: The Daily Dot 

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