The Donald Trump Butt Plug is Here

What’s your opinion on Donald Trump?  If you’re Donald Trump, it’s a very high opinion.  But not everyone shares his opinions on topics like himself.  We’re going to be as a-political as possible in this article because hey, America is a Democracy and you have the right to support any political party you choose and any candidate you choose.  We’re not in the politics game.  We’re in the game of telling you someone has 3D printed Donald Trump Butt Plugs.

Like Vladimir Putin and that guy from Duck Dynasty, Trump now enters the hallowed halls of heineys.  The terrifyingly lifelike visage of Mr. Trump can invade any rump thanks to artist Fernando Sosa who, like many, was not entirely on board with Donald Trump’s views on illegal immigrants from Mexico.

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To celebrate Mr. Trump’s blanket defamation, and to offer up a suggestion of where the man’s head might be at the best of times, the artist produced the 3D printed butt toy to celebrate his own free speech.  Sosa himself was born in Mexico and moved to America at age 11 where he has since gotten a degree in 3D animation and started his own 3D printing business which is certainly going to get a lot of attention now.

Sosa, unlike many, doesn’t believe Trump is a stupid man.  He feels that Trump’s focus on issues of immigration is smart since, in Trump’s opinion, those he is attacking have very little power to fight back.  But for his part, the artist is not so much calling Trump an ass as suggesting he needs to be jammed into one.  It’s not subtle, but it gets the point across.

If you can handle the idea of that hair piece getting near your back door, or maybe you just want one as a memento of an interesting political race, you can buy it from Sosa for $29.99 US at his Etsy shop.  Add him to your collection next to Kim Jong Un!

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