Female Sex Dolls With Artificial Intelligence Are Going To Be A Reality

In the movie Her, Joaquin Phoenix’s character has an intimate and “real” relationship with virtual being. Now imagine that combine with an anatomically correct sex doll. Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen.

If you want to shell out thousands of dollars for sex doll, more power to you, but to me, they are quite fascinating – like an alien is fascinating. Matt McMullen, the inventor of RealDoll has decided to take the concept of the sex doll to a whole new level of erotica by adding artificial intelligence to the doll so that the user can have a conversation and an emotional bond with it (or should I say her?). So essentially owners of this doll will have an emotional and physical relationship with a robot. I am totally creeped out and intrigued by this whole thing. I just want to see one in person – but for now you can watch this video.

Warning: The following video has nudity. But…like doll nudity.

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Ultimately this is like an X-rated Siri but with an actual body. I wonder if the doll evolves over time. Will it start asking for gifts? Make you take out the garbage? Ask the dreaded question, “Where are we in our relationship?” Just how advanced will these sex dolls be? If they are advanced, we might just have an X-rated Terminator situation on our hands.

The AI sex doll is currently in the development stage, but when it’s done you’ll be able to purchase one for yourself at the bargain price of $10,000. Already grown attached to your non-robotic RealDoll? Not a problem! You’ll be attach a head of the AI one to your non-AI one. Simple as that!
This SEX-C-3PO doll craze is the wave of the future. Get on it. Literally.