Artie Lange’s Slave Fantasy Rant About ESPN 2 Host Cari Champion Is Insane

I don’t watch ESPN 2, nor did I have any clue who Cari Champion is, but comedian Artie Lange considers himself a fan. A big fan. He’s such a huge fan of the channel’s First Take program in which Champion is host, he decided to explain on his Twitter page in explicit detail how big of a fan he really is.

Here’s Lange’s entire rant, explaining how much he’d enjoy being her slave owner, more specifically in the role of Thomas Jefferson, and…well maybe it’s best if we let Artie explain.

I suppose that’s one way to win a girl over while doing the complete opposite.

Of course a lot of fans of Champion caught on to Artie’s bizarre and public fantasy.

I’m sure at this time, ESPN is like “What the hell do you want us to say?” I mean if this were the 60’s, Artie would have been arrested by now. Maybe this is why internet 24/7 for most people isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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source: Buzzfeed