Arlington, Virginia Has a New Law Against Swearing

Swearing is one of the few true freedoms we have as Americans. Other countries like Singapore actually throw people in jail for daring to say those little words in public that we never technically agreed never to say for some reason. Now, one “American” town wants to become more like Singapore for daring to charge people with fines for saying “f#($,” “s*$&” and “c#*$.” (And yes, I already know that I’ve negated my argument by censoring those words in the story, so shut the F up about it). 

How do you pronounce this?

Arlington, Virginia’s County Board passed a strict new measure that raises the fines of their already insane law against using curse words in public. Police officials can now legally slap those who use salty language with a $250 fine. The measure has been in place for almost a year and the raise went through with a measure that also raised the fine for public intoxication earning Arlington, Virginia the dubious honor of being America’s least fun city. That’s right, Salt Lake City, you’re off the hook. 

Parking attendants can now legally wash your mouth out with soap?

The law in its current form only allows officers to levy a fine against someone who curses in order to “to provoke a physical response from another individual,” according to the Washingtonian. However, how do you define that provocation? Does the curse word have to lead to a physical act or can the officer make their own predictions about the word? Perhaps they need some kind of curse tester to run out into the middle of the town and just yell “F*$*!” over and over to see if someone beats them up. We know the city’s got the money to hire a tester with all these ridiculous fines they keep pushing on people. 

Source: The Washingtonian