Arizona Woman Found Jesus Hiding In Her Teeth

Apparently, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary have some kind of viral publicity team because they are always showing up in the weirdest places like:

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Moth Wings

Google Earth

The latest sighting happened to a woman in Flagstaff, Arizona during a dental exam. 

OK, what am I missing?

Kym Ackerman, 32, claims that Jesus made a cameo in her dental X-rays. She went in for her regular check-up last week at her dentist’s office and thankfully, the dentist didn’t find any cavities or excess plaque buildup but he did find the face of Jesus Christ staring right back at him in one of her left molars. Ackerman said she was ecstatic when she saw the image in her X-ray but the dentist wasn’t impressed probably because he sees the image of Elvis in an incisor at least twice a week. 

I don’t mean to deny the woman her faith or doubt her belief that she’s looking at Jesus but it does seem a little weird that Jesus would choose to revel himself to the world or even one of his devout followers in an X-ray. Wouldn’t he take out an ad during the Super Bowl or maybe work in a guest appearance on the final David Letterman “Late Show”? 

Source: HuffPo