Watch This Guy Punch Some Other Guy Who Was On MADTv During Some Radio Show

Who says the radio drama is dead? A gripping episode of Punching Drunk Loudmouths aired on Corey Holcomb’s 5150 show recently.

Comedian Aries Spears, best known for his nine-year run on Mad TV and an uncanny roster of impressions, got into it with comedian Zo Williams, best known (to this writer at least) as the guy who punches Aries Spears in the video we’re about to watch.

Trigger warning: you might want to put on a radiation suit, because the n-bombs are about to start raining:

To put this kerfuffle in context, these 48 seconds are taken from an over two-hours-long show during which Zo and a drunk Aries had been debating various Very Important Black Issues with steadily increasing animosity and decreasing civility, and, according to this 560+ upvotes comment from YouTube, “Aries kept putting his hands on him after Zo told him to stop… that alone is grounds for fisticuffs. Then Aries was rude by cutting EVERYBODY off, talking at the top of his lungs to people sitting within arms [sic] reach, and talking over everybody.”

Still don’t know why they had to drag light-skinned brothers into this this. I’m speaking as a very, very, very, very, very light-skinned brother when I say that.

If that clip whet your appetite for on-air rumbles, here’s a few more to sate your blood-lust, you maniac:

Is there something in the water over at Mad TV? Here’s Aries’ castmate Artie Lange going HAM on his about-to-be-former assistant during a confrontation on the Howard Stern show. Artie Lange is currently starring on the HBO show Crashing. The man seen running from him in this video is believed to still be running.

Goddamn, Aries Spears really is built like that. Here’s another clip of homeboy going off, this time returning to a radio station to scream at and physically threaten hosts of a show he’d just left who dissed Aries on-air post-departure. Extra points for whoever picked the visuals for this one; while we might not get to see Aries square off against these grown white men, the still image of John McCain that pops up may as well be a CGI recreation.

Okay, now, this might not fall under the strict category of “fight,” since it’s more like a “harangue,” it definitely falls under the category of “all-time most entertaining YouTube videos.” To set the stage: Fabolous, who has a wonderfully entertaining Twitter you should follow, had made some jokes on that site at the expense of Ray J, whom you might know from the Kim Kardashian sex tape—or you don’t know him at all. Ray called in to the Breakfast Club to unleash a torrent of invective directed at Fab that begins with “okay, so I ain’t gon’ curse, but these PUNK FAGGOTS and excuse my language but you know what I’m sayin’ be whoever you want to be, love whoever you want to love, I didn’t mean it like that” and builds to rape threats. Perfection. Adapt this into a Broadway musical.

If you thought these previous scraps were heated, you might want to strap ice cubes to your chest and forehead before watching this savage AF on-air brawl between two grizzled grey-haired newscasters. This is the kind of shit that bankrupts Medicare.