20-Year-Old College Student Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity For A Decent Reason

To be a college student these days, you not only need to plan to study hard but also plan to be in debt for literally years to come. That is unless you have rich parents, which most people don’t. This Russian student named Ariana is in the same boat as most 20-year-olds which is why she’s auctioning off something that will fetch a heavy sum so she doesn’t have to worry about debt for the rest of her life; her virginity!

But there’s more to Ariana’s motivation to sell her virginity which is taking place on a Russian escort auction site. She is wanting to study abroad for her major in medicine and she knows how expensive living accomodations will be. She says she thought of literally any other option but nothing could compare to the amount of money she’ll get for offering up her virginity to some filthy rich stranger.

Not sure how well this all will work when she finally becomes a doctor and all of her Yelp reviews read: “This is the chick that banged a stranger for thousands of dollars!” Hey, David E. Kelley, we got a show for ya!

She’s already snagging many bidders with the auction starting at nearly $170,000. Unfortunately for Ariana, since she is a virgin, she doesn’t really know what that deep guilty regret feels like after you bang someone you just didn’t want to bang. Not even a sh*t ton of money can help that feeling that will probably wash over her within the first seconds of post-bang.

So does Ariana’s parents know about this decision? They don’t. She does however plan on telling them after the deed is done. OR if they look on the internet for five minutes and make the horrifying discovery for themselves. Either way.

We’re not able to find the actual auction site to keep track of how high the stakes are getting so if you find that for us, post it in the comments. We’re just too lazy to look for it for more than five minutes. Plus we can already safely predict that it will be a fuck ton of sad person money.

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