The President of Argentina Adopted a Jewish Werewolf?

This is a real story, we can’t stress that enough.  Real news outlets have reported this in a real way.  Which isn’t to say werewolves are real, but follow along.  It’s fun!

Last week the President of Argentina adopted Yair Tawil, the seventh son of a Jewish family from Argentina, as her godson and this is where the craziness begins.  This is something that has been done as a symbolic gesture by Argentinian leaders for generations, apparently.  But, according to folklore, the seventh son of a family is doomed to become a werewolf on his 13th birthday!  So real was this fear of child-wolves that seventh sons were actually at risk of being murdered which in turn lead to the symbolic practice of Argentinian leaders adopting them, which dates back to 1907.

An actual historian who probably does not believe in werewolves would like us all to note that the practice of the President of Argentina adopting a god-child likely has nothing to do with werewolfery or demons at all, and is mostly a European tradition.  Turns out that about a hundred years ago, a family from Russia asked then leader of Argentina to adopt their son as a godson to keep up a Russian tradition that apparently Argentina was down with.  This just got mixed up with a different legend about seventh sons becoming werewolves, because one story about seventh sons is as good as another, and here we are.

It’s worth noting that the current President’s adopted son is a 21 year old man and would therefore be well into his career as a carcass eating wolf-man, but that’s neither here nor there.  It’s also worth noting that probably no one who currently exists in any position of power in Argentina actually believes in werewolves.  But you never know, Jimmy Carter apparently saw a UFO once.

Just as an aside,  none of the news outlets that reported the original “president adopts a boy to prevent him from becoming a werewolf” story actually accounted for how being adopted by the President of Argentina prevents werewolfism.  Does the President carry wolfsbane?  Is she some kind of South American Buffy the vampire Slayer?  Does she carry lycanthropy antigens?  The science here is pretty iffy, insofar as there is no science.