Arby’s Has Pepsi And Made History’s Greatest Commercial

You know how some restaurants sell coke and others sell Pepsi and you’ll constantly order the wrong one while a waitress asks if the other is OK?  And it always is because no one cares that much except the people who run those companies?  Yeah, so Arby’s is a Pepsi chain.  No big deal, right?  As part of the deal to work with Pepsi, Arby’s is contractually obligated to make two commercials per year featuring Pepsi products.  Basically just showing someone at Arby’s eating a sandwich, drinking a Pepsi, whatever.  The problem is, Arby’s forgot they made that deal.

So fast forward and it’s the end of 2014 almost.  Pepsi is keeping track of all their campaigns and noticed that Arby’s only made one commercial this year that featured their products.  So they call up Arby’s and just give them a little reminder about commercial number two.  Because who knows, maybe their Christmas campaign will focus on Pepsi, that’d be nice of them, right?  Yeah, but no.  The people at Arby’s 100% forgot.  They’d filmed all their commercial for the year.  There was no more Pepsi to be shown.  It was a bit of a pickle, as they say.

Arby’s head of marketing had to go back to the ad firm that had made their final but unaired commercial and ask for some changes.  Normally this is considered bad business.  Once you sign off on a project, you don’t go in and make changes.  It’s like going to a restaurant, trying the soup, then taking it into the kitchen and asking the chef to add more ingredients.  But the ad firm in this case was nice enough to give it the old college try.  This is the commercial they came up with.

[[contentId: 2792867| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

That right there is about the best commercial you’ll ever see, and not just for Arby’s or Pepsi.  That’s pure commercial gold featuring the intimidating and mildly insane voice of Ving Rhames and nothing but sweet, sweet Pepsi. 

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