Anna Kendrick Is The New Indiana Jones Because Women Are Taking Everything

Now that females have taken over our precious Ghostbusters franchise (and apparently the Mad Max franchise as well, as complained by the Men’s Rights Activists), the Indiana Jones franchise has also been stolen by women, particularly Anna Kendrick. Or at least in parody form, making fun of the fact that women are taking all of the iconic guy roles, bringing us all close to tears.

Anna Kendrick stars in this sketch as a joke on the Last Crusade ending where Indy must choose the right Holy Grail, otherwise it’s bye-bye Indiana–or IndiANNA as the sketch calls her.

Check out the sketch below.

The comedy piece was made for Red Nose Day, NBC’s benefit to aid children in need. And I have to say, if they do replace Indiana Jones, I wouldn’t mind a comedic version instead, because there’s no male actor that could top Harrison Ford. You hear me, Chris Pratt?! But then again, let’s face it, there’s no way Anna Kendrick could outrun a boulder as wafy as she is.
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Source: Jezebel