Anna Faris Sexy: Beautiful, Talented, and Funny Too


Anna Faris is a talented and likeable performer in films and on TV – she’s also hugely attractive, so it’s no surprise that many would be interested in knowing whether it’s possible to see Anna Faris naked. The good news is, as always, that anything’s possible, especially in the world we live in today. But Anna Faris has been choosy about when and where she takes off her clothes, even going so far as to appear on the cover of Playboy while abstaining from doing any nude pictures for the magazine (more on that in a little while).

But if you’re determined to see Anna Faris naked, it’s possible that you’ll walk away from the endeavor without being too disappointed. Despite her reluctance to go full nude on page or screen, she’s been in plenty of sexy situations on both film and in magazines, so you at least have a wealth of material to work with if you’re willing to use your imagination a little.


If you were to watch Anna Faris in films like Scary Movie, you might think that she has no problem appearing naked before the camera. But actually, movies like that one and What’s Your Number? only appear to feature Anna Faris nudity, when actually they implement a body double to achieve this effect. If you can get over your disillusionment with Hollywood fakery, though, you might want to check these movies out for Anna-Faris-nudity related purposes, as by some standards they might be the best you’re going to be able to find at this point. It also occurs to me that there might be people reading this who are too young (or too old, as a matter of fact) to remember Scary Movie, so here’s a trailer:

Wow, that looks even worse than I remember it being. It’s a good thing Anna Faris isn’t actually naked in it, because any excuse to watch that movie is probably a bad idea. Let’s see if we have any better luck with What’s Your Number?, shall we? Here’s the trailer:


Eh, OK. Well, anyway, if you’re interested in seeing fake Anna Faris nudity, that means you’re probably willing to settle for quasi-Anna Faris nudity, in which case you have access to an abundance of wealth, many of it right at your fingertips.


First, there’s her myriad film roles which have been given the coveted “sexy” classification from Mr. Skin. You can check out her complete listing here, but for the sake of convenience I can give you a rundown of some of the most important (read: sexiest) moments of Anna Faris’ movie career.

As we all know, Faris followed up her performance in Scary Movie with the inevitable Scary Movie 2. No nudity here, but there is at least one scene of Anna Faris (and two of her costars) stripped down to her underwear. Not bad:


The video quality in that clip isn’t the best, presumably because Dimension Films jealously guards it as the only scene in Scary Movie 2 that anyone would possibly want to watch. After Scary Movie 2, Faris’ next sexy role of note was in The Hot Chick, a title that actually does not refer to her character in the movie. Naturally, it refers to Rob Schneider:


By this time you’ve probably figured out that Anna Faris isn’t the best at picking roles in good movies. She does tend to get good notices, though, with many critics singling her out as the best part of forgettable films. She finally turned that good buzz into a non-Wayans-supported leading role in The House Bunny, which is a bit of a controversial movie for reasons I’ll go into now.


Anna Faris’ role in The House Bunny is as a Playboy Playmate who through some hilarious circumstance or another ends up as house mother for a college sorority. Faris’ character’s strong association with Playboy might lead some to expect some full-on nudity from the actress, but unfortunately this was not to be the case. The movie itself is rated PG-13, so despite the preponderance of actual Playboy models in the case, you already know you’re not going to see any nudity right off the bat. But the movie still has its share of sexy moments, which some American hero has compiled in a nine minute video on YouTube. None of the jokes make sense but you can almost see Anna Faris’ ass, so perhaps it’s a worthy trade-off. 

But doing a movie about a Playboy Playmate without any nudity was only the beginning of Anna Faris’ effrontery relating to The House Bunny. She even went so far as to pose for the cover, without appearing naked inside the magazine. You’ve got to give her props for sheer audacity! Here’s a shot of the cover:

And Playboy readers in Spain were treated to a slightly different Anna Faris cover photo, which you can see below:




If you’re not too disgruntled by her lack of nudity in Playboy, there are plenty of sexy shots taken of Anna Faris for various publications. Like this one, which I assume was taken for a pictorial in Ice Cream Enthusiast Quarterly:

Then there are some great shots Faris posed for in GQ around the time of her appearance in Observe & Report (I haven’t mentioned that movie up to now because its most famous scene has Anna Faris having extremely drunken sex with Seth Rogen while she’s ostensibly near unconsciousness, and that would be creepy). Here is a photon from that:



What a lucky dog, am I right? 



Here’s a shot from Anna Faris’ stint on the cover of Self, which you might remember if you were ever in a grocery store in April, 2009:

She was also good enough to appear on the pages of Maxim, and while she obviously wasn’t photographed naked for the magazine, she was seen sporting her Scary Movie black hair and looking pretty sexy at the same time:



Why yes, it is. Although there are some disreputable porn sites out there who will use stills from this scene to advertise an “Anna Faris sex tape” (more on that in a second), the threesome actually comes from a scene in the 2013 British comedy I Give It A Year, in which Faris has a supporting role. The threesome is more of a comedy sequence than a sexy sequence, but It features Faris and another sexy actress having sex with a guy, so you might want to grab a glimpse or two of the scene in the movie’s red band trailer below:




It never hurts to ask, nor does it hurt to hold out hope that we might see Anna Faris do on camera in her house what she’s always been reluctant to do on a studio set. As I mentioned above, there are some less than honest purveyors of such things that are willing to advertise the existence of an Anna Faris sex tape, but the likelihood of an Anna Faris sex tape actually surfacing seems relatively low. There are, however, a few candid shots of Anna Faris (reportedly, proper identification is difficult since her back is turned to the camera) taking off her clothes on a film set. Is it really her? You can decide by checking out the probably NSFW photos here (by “probably” I mean the pics are more than likely OK, but the site itself might get you into trouble).

All in all, despite having appeared on film as a Playboy Playmate and playing other sexy roles almost exclusively, there isn’t much in the way of true Anna Faris nudity out there. But the good news is that Anna Faris is 37 years old, right at the age when she might be thinking about taking a sexy naked role in order to goose her career, or kick it up to a new level. Or, she might sign on for some HBO original series or something, and start taking off her clothes at every possible opportunity on TV (maybe she’ll be on the next season of True Detective, as a Playboy Playmate who ends up solving murders while wearing a bikini). But even if nothing like any of that ends up happening, we can still satisfy ourselves with the wealth of sexy Anna Faris film roles and photos that are out there, even if none of them feature full nudity.