Rare Behind The Scenes Polaroids Show A Different Side To Star Wars

Script Supervisor Ann Skinner didn’t realize that her every day work on a space adventure flick would turn into pieces of art at the British Film Institute Southbank, detailing the making of Star Wars: A New Hope. Skinner’s collection of script notes and polaroids helped production keep track of the visuals as the film was being made to prevent audiences from spotting inconsisities in the props, wardrobe and scene order. All of these elements had to match during the days and weeks of shooting each scene with the help of her detailed descriptions. Little did she know she was archiving cinematic history in the process.

Script Supervisor Ann Skinner’s production script with notes.

Mark Hamill on set in Tunisia.


C-3PO was written with the name “THREEPIO”?


Hamill waiting. Note the camera on the bottom left.


Tusken Raider fight scene rehearsal; “Rehearsal on Marks position.”


Han gets brave in the Garbage Pit’s first take.


“Stack Position”. If production comes back for reshoots, Skinner knows how it all looked.


“Bracelet R.”; Skinner’s attention to detail in the film’s final scene.

One groovy extra.

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A rare shot of Darth Vader (aka David Prowse) without his helmet.


Peter Cushing smiles for Skinner’s camera.


Ann Skinner working on set with her copy of the script. The production’s continuity bible.

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source: BFI