Animator Of “The Lion King” Draws Tribute To Cecil The Lion Who Was Murdered

It is safe to say that Aaron Blaise loves animals of all stripes, having created some of the most beloved and iconic animals in recent film history. Blaise is a Disney animator and is credited with creating characters from Aladdin, Pocahontas and Beauty and The Beast. However this past week it was one character in particular that was on his mind; The Lion King.


When news of the real life lion Cecil’s death at the hands of an American dentist named Dr. Walter Palmer went viral, like many people, Blaise was outraged. He says;

“As you may be able to tell I am a HUGE animal lover and it drives me crazy when I see these beautiful creatures destroyed for no good reason. In fact, I’ve decided to get personally involved and hopefully our efforts can help educate people and prevent these horrible things from happening in the future.”

As a tribute to Cecil, Blaise drew a painting of the lion formed by clouds as lions below look up toward him.


To top it off he even release a time lapse video of the drawing.

It seems some fans of the Lion King made their own tribute to Cecil with this amazing fake movie trailer for “The Lion King: The Retribution of Cecil.” Somehow I’m not sure if Blaise would be a fan, but I think their heart is in the right place.


Do you think these were fitting tributes to Cecil The Lion?

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Source: Hollywood Reporter