Soon, Facebook Will Allow You To Send Your Friends A Crappy Domestic Beer

Welcome to the future of buying your friends crappy beer.

Facebook and Anheuser-Busch are teaming to make actual face-to-face interaction with other humans a thing of the past. If things pan out, you might soon be able to buy friends a beer from the comfort and safety of the Internet.

Yesterday in Chicago and Denver, the goose piss and social media giants began testing a new online sales model that allows users to gift a Bud or Bud Light to their friends who don’t care about flavor.

They expect to launch two new programs nationwide next year: “Buds For Buds” allows you to buy a friend a Budweiser, while the “Bud Light Birthday” promotion lets you earn a friend a free Bud Light on their birthday. Or whatever ever day or multiple days you edit your profile to say is your birthday, because free beer is free beer.

The recipients receive their free beer by presenting a voucher at a bar or restaurant, which sounds sad to me. I’ve spent hours at All You Can Eat buffets, subsisted off free samples in the mall food court, and stolen toilet paper from the library bathroom, but there’s something about presenting a coupon at a bar. That’s a line I hope to never cross.

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The marketing team really broke the bank on this slogan.

“The program was born of A-B’s desire to remain relevant with millennial consumers of legal drinking age – and strengthen our position as the perfect beer for connecting with friends around any occasion,” said Lucas Herscovici, Anheuser-Busch vice president of consumer connections. “By leading the way in offering consumers the ability to send their friends a beer on the Internet, we give them yet another reason to consider our beer brands.”

We’re not sure exactly what Facebook gets out of the deal, considering that the plan encourages recipients to go out in public rather than sit in front of their computer. Of course, even at the bar, they’ll probably just stare at their phone constantly for hours on end, so in the end, why not get the users drunk? Maybe they’ll accidentally click on more ads. (Source)