Napping Guy Sues ESPN For Millions Because He Was Teased On Live TV

This is great. Guy goes to Yankees/Sox baseball game. Guy falls asleep during 4th inning. Guy poked fun at on national television. Guy sues for millions in damages.

Andrew Rector, the young man sleeping before you didn’t take a liking to the attention he received when he decided to take a quick cat nap during a baseball game between New York and Boston last April which has since turned him into a punching bag for the internet. To be fair, any of the food served at a baseball stadium will likely knock out even the most energetic person.

Really, I can’t blame commentators Shulman and Kruk. It is pretty funny, Rector made for the perfect target and it was a nice break from the game which can be a little boring at times. But in all seriousness, he looks dead. I even think his tongue is hanging out.

Watch the clip here:

[[contentId: 2655567| | size: 100]]

The legal jargon states that he’s now the victim of an “unending verbal crusade”. It probably also didn’t help that the MLB placed this video on their official youtube channel which has almost 300,000 subscribers (really surprised it’s not more!)

Here are some comment gems that I found which one assumes lead to Andrew’s lawsuit.

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And this is coming from people that don’t even know the guy personally. I’m sure it escalated at his work place and wherever else the guy goes, so who knows. I think it’s one thing to get poked fun at but when it gets out of hand, I can see someone needing to take action. 

But the amount Andrew is suing for is a totally different story. According to his lawsuit, he’s suing ESPN for $10 million which if he had to leave work, got fired, had to go to a doctor for depression, or whatever it is “damaging” occurance came from this video, okay. But suing for that much just because you see an opportunity to make some money, then his cause won’t likely come to fruition, but hey, it was worth a shot, Andrew. Hope the legal fees were worth it.

Afterall, this isn’t the WORST thing caught by live cameras at a baseball stadium. Take this guy for instance who was caught on camera groping his passed out girlfriend (we assume).

So cheer up, Andrew.  Don’t let everyone get you down. If it were me, I’d take the small fame, run with it and make a little money that way because I doubt this lawsuit will really pan out. I’m sure you could get a sketch or two from the late night talk show circuits. That is if you can muster the energy.

What do you guys think? Should Andrew win the lawsuit or just go back to bed? @TODD_SPENCE