Claims Made Fox News “Operates Like A Sex-Fueled Playboy Mansion Like Cult!”

Fox News sounds like an awesome place to work. Former Fox host Andrea Tanaros has filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against America’s number one news network. She is alleging that the company “operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.” And that is a problem, because? Sounds like another reason to love Fox News!

Tanaros says that in retaliation for her complaints to Fox management about the alleged “sexual harassment” she faced in the workplace, she was taken off air. The 37 year-old Fox journalist had been a correspondent and host of several popular Fox shows since 2010, but was taken off air in April of this year. During this time she was told by producers that she needs to wear skirts on camera because “Roger wants to see your legs.” The man knows talent when he sees it.

The lawsuit, filed this week in New York outlines a series of allegations of the type of situations that made this snowflake uncomfortable. She is demanding a ransom of $5 million for mental anguish and $10 million in punitive damages after former Fox CEO Roger Ailes asked her for a hug and told her to twirl around in his office, saying “I bet you’d look good in a bikini.”

Guess he wasn’t wrong?

She is gold digging an additional $5 million for mental anguish and $10 million punitive for the time she complained about said sexual harassment and was retaliated upon be being moved to host a show “with less viewership.” The frivolous lawsuit goes on to ask for another $9 million for Fox “interfering” with the promotion of her book. That’s right. This broad used to be more of a TEAM PLAYER and even wrote a book called “Tied Up In Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable.”

Well now at least we know “what she wanted” – a handout of a lot of Fox’s hard earned CASH.  What exactly was she expecting the workplace would be like when she joined Fox News? Michael Moore would come out and hold hands with Rachel Maddow and sing Kumbaya? If she needed a safe space, she should have gone to work for the mainstream liberal media. Maybe MSN is hiring?? Like future President Trump says his daughter Ivanka would do; if you are sexually harassed, just find a different job! Not our problem.

In addition to the recently resigned Roger Ailes the lawsuit names several other Fox News executives. When they were not living it up ala the office in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” they were telling Tantaros  to just let it go when it came to getting unwanted comments from the big boss. Smart!

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