Amy Schumer Posted But Quickly Deleted This Un-Photoshopped EW Cover Photo

Love her or hate her, Amy Schumer has been gaining momentum as the premiere female comedian in 2015. Not only does she have a hit show on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer, she also has a Judd Apatow directed comedy coming out called Trainwreck co-starring the awesome Bill Hader. So of course it’s no surprise Entertainment Weekly has placed Schumer onto this week’s cover, only Schumer herself has met more criticism than praise regarding the cover’s nudity.

Schumer can certainly handle as much heckling one could dish out, but the majority of comments regard the amount of airbrushing (c’mon, it’s 2015. It’s called photoshopping) she has had placed on her ads and magazine covers. Sure, she knows she’s not a size 0 and since the beginning of her stardom, most of her “fans” don’t want her to ever forget that.

With the EW cover being no exception to the normal commentary made about her looks, I guess Schumer had just about enough and decided to post an alternative, un-photoshopped cover that was taken during the shoot, but never used. Maybe her emotions got the best of her because she quickly deleted the image after it was posted to her Instagram account. Lucky for you, you can check it out here.

[[contentId: 2841138| alt: | style: height:637px; width:510px]]

My God, the horror! Oh wait–she doesn’t look any different. The only real difference between this untouched photo and the Entertainment Weekly cover is you can see the weird plastic underwear and bra she had to wear to keep those bottles in place. Beyond that, it literally looks the same. Case closed. I guess the lesson here is if you choose to be this exposed, you’re going to definitely get more than a few negative critics.

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source: EW