This Man Is Stuck In A Real Life Groundhod Day

Ever see the movie Groundhog Day?  It’s Bill Murray at his finest and, arguably, a comedy classic.  Here, watch some highlights, it’ll be good for you;

If Bill Murray isn’t your thing, and God knows why that would be true, there’s always 50 First Dates;

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Or hell, why not Memento with this excitingly NSFW-language-filled scene?

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What do all of these have in common?  They’re all about people who got stuck in time.  Bill Murray gets some kind of weird magic explanation, but the other two are memory problems, the result of which is three characters who wake up every day, on the same day. Their minds do move forward in time, it’s always the same day for them and it’s always the same day for a man named William who still thinks it’s 2005 and he has a dentist appointment today at 1:40.

William went to that original dentist appointment and they put him under to perform dental surgery.  And that’s where time stopped for him.  Every day he wakes up thinking it’s that day again.  He thinks he’s in the military still, he thinks he’s having a root canal, and everything before that moment is clear to him, he has all his old memories, he’s just not making new ones.  And at least the guy in Memento had tattoos to help him along since he lost his short term memory.  William didn’t get that.  But he does have a computer.

Every day William’s wife has to get him to hop on the computer where his family keeps a record of events that bring William up to speed with the last decade.  His case is unique in that, while amnesia is a real thing, it’s generally always caused by some kind of discernible trauma or event.  William just got every day anesthetic for a root canal.  That shouldn’t do this to a brain.  So, for now, doctors are looking to classify this as a new kind of amnesia, maybe having something to do with proteins in the brain.  It’s hard to tell when no one else has had the same symptoms before.

As for William, he has his family to support him, though word is every day he gets surprised by something that actually happened years in the past.