Safe Spaces Stop American University Of Afghanistan Terrorist Attack!

For today in “I Told You So” smug liberals are gloating over that fact that a terrorist attack on the American University of Afghanistan was thwarted due to the campus policy of being a GUN FREE ZONE.

Afghanistan police have a really easy job these days!

MSN is reporting that had the campus not posted several signs declaring the institution to be “gun free” at least two students would have been killed in a car bombing outside an adjacent School For The Blind in the capital city of Kabul.

After the car bomb was definitely NOT detonated due to the strong wording of the government rules and regulations, an extremist religious zealot hell bent on the destruction of Western values calmly gave up on his plan for eternal salvation by murdering infidels at the college.

In celebration of the safe spaces working, students lit a fire.

Local Afghan authorities were called in but the enemy combatant gunmen had already fled the premises fearing the sanctity of the safe space. Fearing aggressive anti-gun laws, the terrorist did not fire his automatic weapon indiscriminately into the building of cowering school children hiding in their classrooms. Campus security experts say this is most likely due to the student’s Free Speech Rock which gave them a judgement free atmosphere to critique the terrorist’s point of view in a culturally inclusive way.

On a sad note one professor at American University in Afghanistan has been forced to go on administrative leave after they referred to the attacker as “ISIS scum.” The professor will be sent to a sensitivity training seminar and allowed to return to his tenured teaching position once he has been reeducated to acceptable collegiate norms.

You Decide! Do college “safe spaces” work?