30 Ridiculously Provocative American Apparel Ads (In Honor Of Dov Charney)

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has been fired amid an ongoing investigation into “misconduct.” We’re not stupid enough to think you care about that. But Charney’s firing does provide us with a great excuse to post some of our favorite American Apparel ads.

Charney was instrumental in creating American Apparel’s provocative marketing style, which typically features young girls in various states of undress. The ads can best be described as raw (or skanky, if you don’t want to be nice about it). The girls were not airbrushed, and many of the models were not professionals.

The ads also bordered on pornographic, which makes sense, given the fact that adult industry starlets like Faye Reagan and Sasha Grey were sometimes used. And when publishers refused to run the ads they found too provocative, Charney and his team would simply leak the pictures to blogers, creating free viral publicity that regular advertising could never achieve.

But for better or worse, the strategy worked, and helped turn American Apparel into a household name. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll soon understand why.

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