Amazon Sent A Customer This Vulgar Birthday Message, And She Loved It

Amazon’s customer service department truly went above and beyond when they left this personalized note to a customer receiving a birthday gift.

Josie, the birthday girl in question, received the gift from her friend Paige. As her birthday message indicates, Paige had some concerns about whether or not the gift would arrive on time.

I really hope Amazon didn’t f*ck up the shipping and ruin the gift.

Luckily, Amazon was not about to let the birthday girl down. In fact, they went the extra mile with a personalized greeting for Josie’s special day.

Don’t worry, we didn’t f*ck it up. Have a nice f*cking day!!! – Amazon

For the record, both Josie and her family thought the note was hilarious. So if any Amazon higher-ups come across this pic, don’t freak out. It’s nice to see there’s a human working on the other side of our orders, as opposed to an army of humorless, curse-word disdaining drones. Whoever wrote this helped brighten someones day.

[[contentId: 2765973| alt: I want to believe poster.| style: width:75%]]

At this point, the word “fake” has probably popped into your head. And that’s understandable. Normally, when I come across a picture like this on the Internet, I’m skeptical as well. But I happen to work with Josie’s cousin, and he passed the picture on to me directly. Granted, I suppose my coworker could be taking money under the table from Amazon, and this all an elaborate piece of vulgar viral marketing. But I want to believe.