Amazon’s “Man in the High Castle” Nazi Ad Campaign Making New Yorkers Angry

Amazon covered the New York City public transit system with an ad campaign that contains Nazi imagery. 

No, Amazon isn’t starting its own inappropriate history network or a daily deal site for skinheads. They are trying to get the word out about their new online series “The Man in the High Castle,” a fantastical historic drama that wonders what America would be like if it fell under Nazi Germany and Japan’s rule back in World War II. It sounds like an interesting idea for a show based on the Philip K. Dick alternate history book.  The subway ads put up fictional depictions of the American flag under a Nazi regime on its seats in addition to posters that clearly stated they are in conjunction with the new show. However, some people are still upset with the designs. I’m sure having to take the subway also didn’t help with their mood. 

The backlash got so bad that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly decried the ads calling them “irresponsible and offensive” and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to remove the ads, according to the Associated Press. It’s nice to know that the governor can make such a swift decision when it comes to fixing the subways. This must mean he can also order them to make the trains run on time and stop smelling of urine. 

Los Angeles even got a Nazi Statue of Liberty:

Source: Mashable