Amazing Pictures Of Abandoned Mall Filled With Snow

Local photographer Johnny Joo knew a good opportunity when he saw one. The ruins of the abandoned Rolling Acres mall in Akron, Ohio provided for some excellent examples of “ruin porn.”

Hopefully not the type of “porn” you were thinking of.

The mall ruins were made all the more fascinating with snow piling up through the gaping holes in the roof. The mall closed in 2008 and Mother Nature quickly decided to reclaim the property. Sadly America’s indoor shopping malls are going the way of Blockbuster Video and Borders Books. The gang from The Walking Dead would feel right at home here as the mall itself looks and feels like the building equivalent of a zombie.  

1.  This Is The Spot Where In Every Action Movie The Good Guy And Bad Guy Throw Down Their Weapons To Fight Like Men

2. Thanks Amazon!

3. The Customer Service Probably Wasn’t Much Better Before

4. This Looks Like A Fun Place To Start A Post- Apocalypse Cult Where I Am The Leader Guy

5. Batman Could Totally Crash Through That Ceiling And Have A Nice Soft Landing This Time

6. But Where Will Teen Girls Shoplift Cheap Jewelry?

7. Now When People Jump From The Second Floor Of The Mall It’s For Fun!

8. Every Kid In Ohio Is Grabbing Their Sled Right Now

9. They Should Still Have A Mall Santa Here For The Bad Kids: “You Have To Visit Creepy Mall Santa!”

10. Finally No Mall Security Guards To Kick Me Out! I Won!

11. Lunch Special: Rats And Broken Dreams

12. This Looks Dangerous

13. Stairway To Mall Heaven

14. They Say The Ghost Of The Janitor Still Roams The Mall Telling You To Pick Up Your Spilt Slushy

15.  I Bet Sbarro Pizza Is Still Open: They Are Always The Last To Go

16. Kids Today With Their Fancy Online Shopping Will Never Know The Pleasure Of Going To A JC Penney For Some Slacks… JK.

17. Look, They Even Have A Bench To Stop The Sledding So Kids Can’t Go Flying Into The Broken Sheet Glass

What abandoned mall from your home town do you miss?


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