Amanda Seyfried Gets Topless For A New Play And Some Genius Made A Gif Of It

Amanda Seyfried is like the rich man’s Anne Hathaway. She’s in the same grade level, but not nearly as annoying which is why she has taken her acting chops to the Great White Way for the play The Way We Get. It’s tough for anyone not on the east coast to see some real live acting which is why it’s always nice when people upload images or videos of performances to the internet for the rest of us high class people to enjoy. It just turns out that the clip from the play which has been turned into gif form is the moment where Seyfried takes off her tshirt, baring her nakedness and strolls out of the room. It’s also worthy of noting she’s just in her underwear at that point. Nevertheless, it’s an acting moment for the ages.

You can see our choice for the Tony Award with Seyfried’s nude moment right HERE as a mighty gif. If you feel bad looking, don’t. She apparently has “European sensibilities” when it comes to nudity when asked how she feels about getting topless in front of a live audience.

…you’re showing some skin—does that kick up your anxiety?
No, not really. I have a very European sensibility to all that. It’s a little shocking to some people, but most of the play is shocking. That isn’t really something I think about anymore.

I love the theater. It’s just so damn artistic or whatever.