Instagram Model Says She Looks ‘Bad’ In A Photo And Now Snowflakes Are Pissed

Welcome to America in 2017: where you can’t call people fat, ugly, or mention anything negative about their appearance without someone screaming “MUH FAT PRIVILEGE” or “BODY SHAMING” in your face. Fine, fine fine – y’all wanna be a bunch of thin-skinned pussies, so be it. But I retain the right to call myself fat and ugly if I want.

…or at least I thought I did.

Apparently you can’t even insult yourself anymore without people getting pissed off and doing mental gymnastics to turn it around on themselves. Case in point? 23-year-old bikini competitor Amanda Bucci, who found out the hard way that there’s no room for criticism in today’s world, regardless of where it’s directed. You see this photo?

Via Instagram

On the right side, Amanda looks fit and hot. On the left, she looks like she just finished butt chugging a two-liter of Mountain Dew. Clearly one photo looks better than the other, and the fact that Amanda labelled them as such just goes to show that just like all the people reading this, she too is not blind.

Did Amanda “insult” (if you can even call it that) anyone other than herself? No. Is she calling anyone fat? No. Is she simply showing how posing a certain way makes a huge difference in the way your body looks? Yes. But God forbid the snowflakes of the world look at a picture of someone in better shape than they are and NOT turn it into a coddling session about their own failing self-esteem. Comments on her photo range from:

“I like the one on the left. It’s natural ain’t nothing wrong with that” (Acceptable)

“Ya, now try showing a picture of something besides you posing or take every pic like the one on the left” (Would you like some margarita with your salt?)

“You never have Instagram pics on your page looking like the ‘bad’ version so how can you say love yourself and appreciate your body because you don’t appreciate your body when it’s in its relaxed state. Hence why you never take pics like that. One relaxed post and a quote means nothing if that’s not your daily…just saying” (Because most people would rather look good than look bad? Do you follow Instagram accounts where everyone is overweight and busted? Come on now people I’m starting to hate everything and it’s only 2:00.)

Via Instagram

Eventually Amanda became so buried in a snowbank that she had to go back into her photo and amend the caption. “I didn’t mean to say that the left picture is bad,” she explains. “I did not mean to use the word ‘bad’ for the photo on the left, because looking a certain way should never be called bad. As much as in my head I thought ‘Oh, this is a bad angle for me,’ to someone else, they might not view it that way.”

Or, y’know, those someone elses could start seeing therapists for their victim complexes and Amanda could continue posting as many “bad” photos as she likes. Believe it or not, the world revolves around the sun – not the unchecked insecurities you like to whip out whenever you’ve gone more than 10 minutes without someone paying attention to you.

Was Amanda wrong to label her photo as “bad?” Tell us why not in the comments, because we already know everybody reading this thinks the world is slowly going to PC-shit.