Aly Michalka and Her Two Breasts of the Future

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Actress and musician Alyson “Aly” Michalka is often referred to as a Kaley Cuoco look-a-like but the person she’s really related to is her younger sister, Amanda Joy “AJ” Michalka. Alyson Michalka is older than AJ by two years and is sometimes a brunette while AJ is a blonde.  Aly started her acting career on the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future where she played Keely Teslow from 2004 to 2006. She co-starred with AJ in the 2007 MTV movie, Super Sweet 16 based on the MTV series about over the top teen birthday parties and played mean girl, Taylor Tiara.  Previous to this, Aly and AJ appeared together in another Disney Channel movie, Cow Belles. Aly has also done feature films, and appeared in Bandslam, a musical comedy about a rock band made up of misfits. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office, Aly was praised for her performance.  Other Aly feature film credits include Easy A (2010) and The Roommate (2011). In a case of life imitating art, Aly and AJ formed a band, 78violet and released Into the Rush, their debut album in August 2005. Their third album Insomniatic spawned a top 20 hit single, Potential Breakup Song in July 2007. The sisters are still actively writing and performing music and have plans for a new album. Aly has also modeled in the past and has posed for Maxim and other men’s magazines. In 2013, she played a lesbian in a reoccurring role on the CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Raised a Christian and still practicing, Aly and AJ had a very un-Christian-like experience when nude pictures supposedly of both sisters where released during the Apple iCloud hacks that occurred at the end of September 2014.


Neither sister has commented about the photos since the woman in most of the hacked pictures is blonde, chances are the pictures are of AJ and not Aly. Rumors are that the reason there are pictures of both of them hacked from one account is because the sisters were taking pictures of each other. The pictures are a combination of selfies and posed pics and most of are AJ posing with her pets. However, there are topless torso pictures that could be Aly but since most of the other pictures are of AJ, one assumes these are too. Another picture that in theory could be Aly is one in which one of the sister is wearing lacy thongs, bent over on a bed with her butt up in the air. Her face can’t be seen so it’s anybody’s guess who this Michalka might be.



Aly dated her Phil of the Future co-star Raviv Ullman for almost six years but they were just kids so chances are if she took nude pictures for him, these are not the ones. After Ullman, Aly dated former USC quarterback, Matt Leinart in 2008 then went out with actor Joel David Moore for a couple of years. Aly met her fiancé, independent film producer, Stephen Ringer on the set of her film, Sequoia in 2012. The film is about a young woman with cancer who plans to commit suicide in Sequoia National Park, but before she does through with it, she meets a somebody who deters her. Ringer proposed to Aly in Big Sur, California in July 2014 and the couple plans to wed in 2015. If Aly was sending nude pictures to anyone, it hopefully was to her betrothed.

aly and fiance


Guess that depends on one’s point of view. In a 2007 interview with a Christian magazine, the then teenage sisters discussed their faith and being positive role models for kids. AJ said, “When Aly and I read a script, we want to make sure it’s something we can show our kids when we get older.” She cited a scene she wasn’t comfortable doing and was ready to quit until the producer changed it. AJ explained, “We have a standard we want to set—and that means not doing anything we don’t believe in.” Aly added, “It’s hard to find artists who are true to themselves all the way into their adult years.” Their mother, Carrie said that money was not what motivated her daughters but passion for what they believe in, “Money is just the byproduct of that passion. The best thing you can do with it is give.” Interestingly enough, there are reports that one of the alleged victims of the hacked nude pictures is Carrie Michalka who herself is a former member of a Christian band. Gossip website TMZ reports that Carrie’s pictures are topless selfies but unlike some of one of her daughter’s topless shots, you can definitely see her face. Well, like mother like daughter(s).