Would You Have Sex With a Robot?


The new J.J. Abrams produced TV series Almost Human taking place in the year 2048 is a post Singularity robot buddy cop show that any fan of science fiction should love. It asks a lot of important questions about what it means to be human, the implications of the fast pace of new technologies and is it OK to have sex with a robot?  The reason I already dig this show is that it’s only on episode number two (the first two episodes premiered this past week) and they have already covered what every guy in the future refers to as “Bang-bots” – life like sex robot! In the world of Almost Human, human police officers are paired with life like androids. Our hero detective John Kennex is paired with Dorian, a robot who is capable of emotion. Other models of robots are not so emotional as we discover that there is a whole industry of sex robots who are basically programmed to be DTF.


While I recommend the show, the larger debate is if in the next forty years are we all going to be popping some future Viagra and banging the snot out of our silicon friends… and would that be OK with your significant other. Is robot sex considered cheating? A completely unscientific Break poll determined that dudes were completely OK with having sex with a life like robot that is indistinguishable from a real woman (or dude). As for if it was cheating? Respondents thought that as long as the robot did not have a level of consciousness or self-awareness- such as the advanced cop robot in Almost Human it’s OK. It would sort of be like boning a high tech blow up doll… (Check out the sex bot from Almost Human on the left, yowza!)

So what do you guys think? Is it OK to have sex with a life like robot that is undistinguishable from a real person or would that be considered cheating on your spouse/ significant other?  Let us know in the comments.


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