Who Wants To Attend An All Nude (Including The Audience) Miley Cyrus Concert?

It’s tough to really stand out in the music industry, especially if you’re not willing to post nude selfies on Instagram or where doll heads as a turtle neck to an award show. Being normal is just boring, and by those standards, Miley Cyrus is the reigning queen of ridiculousness. And if you’re a fan of the Cyrus and her penchant for all things ridiculous, you might be interested in an upcoming show she has planned where not only will she and the band be completely naked, but the entire audience will be naked too. Meaning, if you wear clothes, you’re not getting in type of naked. We’re talkin’ genitals everywhere.

Not weird enough? No problem! The bonus to the show is literally everyone, including the audience will be covered in milk, or at least a milky white substance. As if being covered in milk was bad enough, “white stuff that looks like milk” sounds a little too undefined if you ask me.

Her “back up band” the The Flaming Lips’ front man Wayne Coyne made a post on his Instagram account alerting fans of the Lips and Cyrus of the concert which is actually a music video shoot for their song Milky Milky Milk. And of course anyone under the age of 20 flipped out at the “supes” fun opportunity.

Never heard of the song, but the title is real catchy isn’t it?

There’s definitely two ways you could look at this. There’s the “SWEET, a crazy live show with a bunch of naked CHICKS all over the place!” And then there’s the “It’s a Miley Cyrus concert with a bunch of naked dues all over the place.” Depending on your taste, this could either be a living nightmare or a real once in a lifetime opportunity. Just don’t get that “white stuff that looks like milk” crap in your mouth.

I have to say, if you were to have asked me a year ago how I felt about Miley Cyrus, I would’ve been pretty indifferent but more on the “meh” side. After seeing her perform on the SNL40 show however, my opinion has changed and I think she’s extremely talented. Ridiculous and maybe trying a little too hard, sure. But the talent is certainly there.

Pardon the quality, that damn Lorne Michaels doesn’t like putting anything online.

So who wants to go to the show?! From what I can tell the date and venue has not been announced, but If you do make it out, make sure to have a doctor’s appointment set up for the following morning, just to be safe.